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Co-Working & Co-Living
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Session 1: June 2nd 10:00 AM CET
Opening Keynote & Product News
Session 2: June 2nd 01:00 PM CET
Have a Look Inside our Production Facility in Denmark
Session 3: June 2nd 06:00 PM CET
How Colors Influence our Wellbeing
Session 4: June 2nd 07:00 PM CET
The Danish Concept of Hygge
Session 5: June 3rd 10:00 AM CET
Danish Design on a Global Scale
Session 6: June 3rd 01:00 PM CET
Functional Design - The New Modular Embrace Sofa by EOOS.
Session 7: June 3rd 05:00 PM CET
Beyond the Bar Stool: Where Food, Design and Danish Tradition Intertwine
Session 8: June 3rd 07:00 PM CET
Time for Change – the Crucial Journey of Sustainability in the Design, Architecture & Food Industry.
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